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The Garden Song
In our private show gardens we have 700 varieties of hybrid, unusual, native, & medicinal perennials, annual reseeders, monocarpics, and bi-annuals, succulents, flowering bushes & trees,
plus other collections of hybrids listed :
Hybrid Dahlia Collection
Bearded Iris Collection
Rose Collection
Hybrid Daylily Collection
Hybrid Camellia Collection
Hydrangea Collection
Butterfly Bush Collection
Agastache Collection
Alstroemeria Collection
Canna Collection
Salvia Collection
Verbascum Collection
Crinum Collection- Rare
Rare Perennials
Rhododendron Hedge
Medicinal Plants
Cherry Tree Gazebo
Native Ferns & Bushes
Other Rare Hybrids
Flowering Trees
Native Mushrooms
Coastal Live Oak Trees-forest
California Native Flowers
Echium Collection-Canary Island
Garden Rules:
■Please follow standard parking etiquette—do not block 
  driveways or double park. Watch for special parking
  instructions. We have parked large groups for years and  
  trust our judgement.
■Children must be closely supervised by an accompanying
  adult. Strollers are not permitted in the gardens.
■Stay on marked paths only and wear sturdy shoes. Most 
  paths are covered with cedar shakes.
■Do not open gates to the collection areas. you must stay   
  outside on the fence.
■Do not pick flowers, seed or any plant material.
  Do not take cuttings. Do not help us weed.
■Our home is private. There is no entrance for our guest.
■Smoking is not permitted, it spreads viruses onto our    
■Please leave pets at home, or in your car if you must bring
■Please hold onto your trash till you get near one of our    
  trash cans.
■Only musicians and stage hands are allowed on the stage.