The Garden Song
Butterfly Bushes
We are strongly influenced by plants that host butterflies, hummingbirds, shore birds, bees , dragonflies, etc.

May in the Gardens 
with a Cast Iron Urn &
Iris, and Forget-Me-Nots
Since 1997
We are Elkhorn's Dahlia Farm
"The Garden Song"
is our private gardens 
surrounding the Goff Home.
There is a display garden with
500 varieties of Dahlias here as well as a good 1000 other species of flowering plants within 
3 1/2 acres of gardens mostly under the native oak tree forest. The gardens have naturalized over the years. They reseed 
& multiply on their own. 

The birds from Elkhorn Slough frequently visit here & there is a vast amount of native wild life, as well as butterflies in abundance. 

This is where it's hard to not be happy,
& to forget the worries of life.
With the sound of acoustic music, 
        and the flowers in the gardens,             along with our beautiful visitors,
​        every Sunday event is worth the drive               into the country to get here.

Colleen, is a BMI Songwriter & loves 
to play music out in the gardens. 

Every winter & early spring the gardens are upgraded with new visual areas. We have been creating the gardens for 20 years now.
We are looking forward to seeing our guest
return once again. 

P.S. We are already seeing 
butterflies floating around, 
                  our butterfly habitat theory                   is working!
See you soon!

We pulled this lovely Verbascum Seed 
out of Greece 17 Years ago, 
it has naturalized thru out . 
Sorry,  we are closed for the summer- 2015 due to drought & fire season.