The Garden Song
Butterfly Bushes
We are strongly influenced by plants that host butterflies, hummingbirds, shore birds, bees , dragonflies, etc.

May in the Gardens 
with a Cast Iron Urn &
Iris, and Forget-Me-Nots
Since 1997

Elkhorn Gardens/ The Garden Song
a private garden. 

       We have a display garden of about 400 varieties of Dahlias here as well as a good 1000 other species of flowering plants within 4 acres of gardens mostly under the native oak tree forest [total of 10 acres]. The gardens have naturalized over the years. The plants reseed & multiply on their own. We are in a Sanctuary Area for 100's of species birds and animals.     
      We are graced from the Elkhorn Slough for the vast amount of wildlife that frequently visits here & the native plants that grow in the oak forest. We have also created a native habitat for butterflies to top the peacefulness.      
​         We have a gift & health shop, centered around healthy living. For those who have been here before our gift store is now online. Just.... go to the menu on the left of this page and click on "Shop Online". More products are being uploaded, so check back again as well.​ Everyone loves our french soaps and health products. They are now available online!

     Every winter & early spring the gardens are upgraded. We have been creating the gardens for 20 years now.
     Currently we spend months in the spring doing clean up from the winter. This year because of the storms, there is triple the clean up. One of our gardeners says that working here is like boot camp. It is very intense work. It is a work of art in the middle of a native sustainable forest. Most gardening sorts have no idea of the immense debri that is created over the winter months. This is not your average gardening. We are dealing with a wild forest. We are learning something new every time we go out to do maintenance. 
      We have seen 3 new butterfly species floating around. Our butterfly eco system theory is working! Plant the host & they will come!
Sorry to say, this summer is only available for private appointments to visit here. Otherwise the gates are closed to the general public. 

If you expect a miracle, it's just around the be ready to be able to except it when it shows face.

We pulled this lovely Verbascum Seed 
out of Greece 17 Years ago, 
it has naturalized thru out .