The Garden Song

Cut Flowers 
       We carry Beautiful            Fresh Cut Roses 
currently- $ 19.00 a dozen 
at the 
Pacific Grove Store. 
Cut flowers- Dahlia
 Season Starts Mid August . 
Dahlias are the most exquisite of Summer Flowers!
Will be in our store for customers to come in and purchase.

Our Dahlia flowers
are sold 
every week to specific  clients. You must call 
Aug. 15 through Oct. 25th
[weather permitting] 
The remaining flowers
 are sold retail 
at our Store. 

If you want them
 for a special event 
you must contact us for a reservation. 
Sometimes, weeks in advance is best, as we sell out weekly
 [call as soon as you know you will want them.]
All large reservations are paid up front.
We specialize in color coordination 
for large events .

If you come to pick up,
 it is best to bring
 your own 
vases, buckets or bottles 
to take flowers home, they need 
constant water 
to make it 
in the car.

Want dahlias for special occasions ?
Aug. 8th thru Oct. 25th
[weather permitting]